Dana White says 2017 is UFC’s best year ever

UFCHIGHLIGHTED 08.11.2017 15:25h Author:

Dana White

In the following statement UFC President Dana White explained why he is more than sastisfied with UFC 217 revenues as well as with 2017 in global.

Asked about UFC event in Montreal he also replied with some bold figures.

“It would obviously make sense to go back to Montreal with (St-Pierre),” White said. “I told some of you guys this yesterday, but (Floyd Mayweather and UFC champ Conor McGregor) had the record there in Canada. We were No. 2 and 3 or something like that. We’re pretty sure that this beat Mayweather and McGregor in Canada tonight.

“I told some of you yesterday that this would do a million (pay-per-view buys). I was way wrong. It did over a million. I’ll have a definite answer tomorrow, but it’s looking like we destroyed it.


“But it was one of the best ever – if not the best ever,” White said on the UFC 217.