Dana White says he didn’t let Ronda Rousey get a tattoo

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Dana White & Ronda Rousey

Dana White claims only two fighters have ever actually listened to him, and it led to an amusing tattoo story about one of them – Ronda Rousey.

“I’ve learned over the years that you can’t have these conversations with them. They’re all grown men and women. To be honest, the only one(s) that ever really f–king listened to me in all these years is Chuck (Liddell) and Ronda (Rousey). Those were the only two that would actually listen to what I said.

“Ronda was gonna get a sleeve. I said ‘No you’re f–kin’ not.’ A sleeve. Tattoos all the way up to your f–kin’ neck. I’m like ‘No you’re not. You’re not getting a sleeve. Listen, tattoo yourself up as much as you want when you retire. Do not get a sleeve’. And she listened to me.

“I told Conor (to) stop doing it, and he said ‘You’re f–kin’ old, that’s why you don’t like them.’ I said ‘Listen, do you think a f–king screaming gorilla on your chest looks good?’ He says ‘You’re too old, you don’t get it.’ I said ‘Maybe you’re right.'”

He was then asked about when he was going to get a tattoo.

“Never. Think about this. Everyone in this room right now, what do you love so much, other than like your kids, that you’d tattoo on your body? I’ll buy a t-shirt in every color and wear it for 30 days and I guarantee you get tired of it. You know what I mean? Imagine back in the 80’s I got a tattoo? What the f–k would I have on me right now? Right? Shit that I’m definitely not into right now, I can promise you that. I’d have the f–king Culture Club logo on my back or something.”