Darren Till: ‘Stephen Thompson deserves title shot’

UFCHIGHLIGHTED 28.05.2018 10:47h Author:

Darren Till (Photo: Facebook)

Darren Till missed weight for UFC Fight Night 130 but he also defeated Stephen Thompson in the main event. Even though he got his hand raised, Till knows it was not fair, according to MMAJunkie.

Although Till experienced a family emergency the night before weigh-ins, he refused to offer any excuses for the mishap. r.

“I missed weight, so I don’t feel I deserve a title shot anyway,” Till told reporters after his win. “I missed weight. So there you go, right away. I don’t deserve it. I feel like Stephen deserves it. Whoever wins out of the interim maybe Stephen or Usman. They deserve it more. … I still want to beat them all in the division. I want to come back and put that weight thing behind me.”

“I feel like my win could be a little bit more right now if I’d made weight,” Till said. “I’m taking a bit off. No matter what – win, lose or draw – I’m taking a bit off. Because I’m ashamed. I am a professional, and I’m a big guy for the weight, and I’ve got to get it more under control. I’ve made weight before … I’ve just got to get it more under control now. Adversity, good or bad, I’ll take it.”

“I think Stephen deserves a go with the interim more than I do myself,” Till said. “I know I’ve just beat him in a close fight, but give it to Stephen. He made weight and is still No. 1 and has beat more guys than me. Give it to him. I’m a realist. I’m not going to sit here and bull(expletive) anyone. I’m not going to bull(expletive) myself, and I’m certainly not going to bull(expletive) you. Give it to Stephen.”