Disturbing Image of Miesha Tate’s UFC 200 weight cut

UFCHIGHLIGHTED 14.07.2016 15:34h Author:

Miesha Tate

Few days ago UFC’s champion Miesha Tate did probably the worst match of her career at UFC 200. “Cupcake” was literally demolished by the new champion Amanda Nunes in the main event of the evening. Tate disappointed the fans, but also herself. She was virtually unrecognizable; she looked like an amateur who entered the arena with a professional and it was over in the first round.

There were many speculations why Tate performed this bad, but one of the possible problems was perhaps weight cut. Tate almost failed to meet the weight and she was trying to cut weight until the very last minute.

A photo that leaked this Wednesday also showed that she was having really hard time cutting weight. Some said this photo was disturbing, but unfortunately, it just portrays what fighters have to go through before the match.