Don Frye on Nick Diaz: ’The decision is horse shit’ (VIDEO)

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Don Frye

Don Frye is one of the MMA pioneers. Although this former 49-year-old UFC and PRIDE veteran has long been out of the ring, he continues to attract attention with his statements.

He gave his last interview for the Submission radio where he commented on NSAC’s decision to suspend Nick Diaz because of testing positive on marijuana as well as on Jon jones who failed cocaine doping tests ahead of his match with Daniel Cormier after he caused a traffic accident and fled the scene.

“I think that the decision is horse s***. I think [the NSAC] don’t know how to wipe their own ass, that’s how retarded they are with their decisions. There’s no reason for him to be suspended for five years for smoking dope,” Frye told Submission Radio.

“Everybody knows marijuana is a harmless drug and it’s not a performance enhancing drug. They’re going to turn around and they’re going to give Jon Jones his license back? Jon Jones… who is a multimillionaire and has three or four ‘baby mamas’ — which means you and everybody else who pays taxes are buying these little bastards…you know?”

Frye continued, “And [Jones is] wrecking cars and he’s found with coke in his system twice and DUIs, and they’re gonna get this guy fighting again? This guy should be done for life. And I like Jon Jones. I’m a fan of his as a fighter, but as a person, apparently, he’s a piece of shit. Now they’re going to let this guy fight, but not Nick Diaz who is just smoking marijuana? There’s something wrong with these assholes.””