Edmond Tarverdyan to other coaches: ‘I know my shit, shut up!’

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Ronda Rousey & Edmond Tarverdyan

Edmond Tarverdyan got angry with Duane Ludwig and other coaches for criticizing him.

Apart from saying he wants Ronda Rousey to return for one more fight against Cris Cyborg, the GFC head coach also had a message for other coaches who criticized him.

“There’s a coach, Duane Ludwig and this other guy. I’m gonna mention their names so they could shut up and know what I’m talking about, because they don’t know shit and they talk too much,” Tarverdyan said on the MMA Hour.

“From that CSA gym, Kevin Ross and those guys (who) trained there — that guy talking shit and posting my video talking to Travis Browne a certain way in the second round, saying that I shouldn’t swear and I should give advice.”

“I know how to speak to my fighter, right? You think that I trained Travis Browne, but don’t know how to speak to Travis Browne? You do, and I don’t?” he exclaimed. “I train that guy everyday, and I don’t know how to encourage him or give him advice a proper way, with a proper tone, with a proper voice?

“Listen, I’ve trained Vic Darchinyan, 10 time world champion in boxing, and I spoke calm in the corner every freakin’ round. Why? Because he’s such an aggressive fighter,” he said. “But if I have to shake the fighter to get up and to do it, to believe in themselves, I have to give him that advice, give him that love after, give him that courage, with my voice, and with my voice, I have to.”

“You cannot criticize me or post something on your Instagram on your home school page. That’s disrespectful man,” he said. “You have a gym, you feed your family. I have a gym, I feed my family with that gym.

“And Duane Ludwig, making a ‘funny’ comment under that?” he continued. “Hey, I have hundreds of you private messaging me, saying ‘coach, you’re doing an amazing job with Ronda. Oh my god, amazing. happy faces.’ What happened to that?!”

“I’m saying it in public, so they could all know, I know my shit. Shut up. Those are to the coaches. The public, they don’t understand that and they don’t know.”