Everybody clean after UFC 156, additional tests required from Overeem

UFCHIGHLIGHTED 14.02.2013 11:30h Author:

Alistar Overeem

All of the 22 fighters who participated in UFC 156 had to give their urine samples to the Athletic Commission's representatives for drug tests, while some fighters were required to give blood as well for additional checks.

Urine samples were given by everyone, including Alistair Overeem, but he was among those who had to undergo additional testing.

After a heavy defeat against Antonio "Bigfoot" Silva, Overeem has withdrawn from the limelight, as this was his first defeat in the last six years, causing him to avoid the public eye for a week or two.

However, the Athletic Commission is still waiting for blood test results to arrive in order to check if his testosterone level was within limits this time, or if will be a replay of the case from the first half of 2012 when his testosterone levels were several times higher than permitted.

As for urine tests, all of the fighters who appeared on UFC 156 were clean, including Overeem, who was still asked for additional tests.