Fabricio Werdum believes Francis Ngannou will become the new heavyweight champion

UFCHIGHLIGHTED 13.12.2017 16:39h Author:


Former UFC heavyweight champion, Fabricio Werdum, will be watching closely as Stipe Miocic will try to defend the belt against rising star Francis Ngannou, in January at UFC 220. That is, of course, because Werdum is very interested in fighting the winner, according to Bloodyelbow.

“Ngannou has a lot of power, but I don’t think he’s very technical. However, I still believe he’ll surprise Miocic and knock him out. They both enjoy trading shots, so if Miocic doesn’t have the right strategy, that big black guy will knock him out. Ngannou is very confident and that can make a difference, if he really connects, you’re going down, as we saw with Overeem.”

“I can already see myself submitting him, though, and becoming champion again. That’s my goal, to have a third belt on my wall and I really do believe it’ll happen. I’m sure I’m next. I’ll be waiting for him in April or so.”