Fabricio Werdum: ‘Now That Im Getting Rich Why Retire?’

UFCHIGHLIGHTED 29.12.2015 11:42h Author:


Fabricio Werdum is at the top of his game, but rumors of the UFC heavyweight champion’s imminent retirement have sprung up in recent weeks.

“Now that I’m getting rich, why would I retire? No way! I want to make history” Werdum told Sherdog.com. “I want to be considered the best heavyweight fighter in history by the fans. I started beating Fedor [Emelianenko], [Mark] Hunt, Velasquez — a long list. I was always considered the underdog. So, now I think I’m starting a new phase in my career where I’m not the underdog anymore.

“In the beginning, everybody said that I was a jiu-jitsu fighter. I think I could change that, too, by evolving my standup skills. Of course, I have much more to evolve, but when I see my fights today, I can recognize that I’ve been able to add new skills to my game. So, no way am I thinking about retirement. I’m 38 years old and my body is in perfect shape. I’ve never had any serious injuries, never even taken hard punishment to my head, so I have a lot of story left to write in that sport.”

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