Francis Ngannou: ‘My goal now is to come back to the title shot’

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The reason Ngannou wants to face ex-champ Brock Lesnar, he told MMAjunkie, is because the ex-UFC champ is the perfect mix of challenge and reward.

“Right now, I have a goal,” Ngannou said. “I’m the No. 1 contender. I just lost a title shot, and my goal now is to come back to the title shot. So everything that I set up is to get the title shot.”

“If they tell me, you have to take Derrick, I’m going to take Derrick,” Ngannou said. “I’m not just going to take everyone and say, ‘OK, let’s fight this one for nothing.’ I want a plan. It doesn’t matter who it is. If the UFC says that Derrick will be that one (that gets me a title shot), I’ll fight Derrick. I don’t have a problem to fight anyone else. I just want to keep looking forward.”

“I don’t think my problem is wrestling,” Ngannou said. “I can’t believe my wrestling is bad. I think my wrestling defense is good. I think I can prove it, and maybe not in this fight, but I have had a very good strategy of wrestling defense for my previous fight. I can show that Brock won’t hurt me to show that my wrestling defense is not bad.”

“The biggest thing I will change is how to manage,” Ngannou said. “I still believe I had a good training camp for that fight, but I didn’t manage very well, so that’s what took my energy. Everything about that fight was about my cardio.

“People say, ‘Your ground game, your wrestling,’ but I believe I have not the best one, but I have a good one. I’ve been showing that for earlier fight. The fact of this (Miocic fight) was the management of my cardio and my endurance. I came into that fight already tired because of a lot of stuff going on.”