Hamilton on Cro Cop’s retirement: ’I am disappointed, but I wish him luck’

UFCHIGHLIGHTED 11.11.2015 14:19h Author:

Cro Cop vs. Anthony Hamilton

In a brief interview with Fight Site, Mirko Filipović’s now former opponent in Seoul, Anthony Hamilton, commented Cro Cop’s injury and cancellation of performance at UFC Fight Night 79 event.

During the interview Hamilton was visibly disappointed since he prepared for the match for six weeks. In an exclusive interview with Fight Site he stressed that it would have been his dream come true and in which he had nothing to lose.

“I am very disappointed. But there's nothing I can do. Things like this happen in this sport.”

To Filipović, one of his idols, he wished luck in the future.

“I wish Mirko a lot of luck and I am looking forward to my new fight,” added Hamilton.

UFC is lately short on heavyweight and Hamilton's match in Seoul in now in question. However, Hamilton still did not give up hope.

“I will definitely be ready and I will be waiting. I hope I will have a match as soon as possible,” concluded the American heavyweight.