Holly Holm stands to make $7 million from a rematch with Ronda Rousey

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After becoming a new bantamweight champ at UFC 193, many wonder whether Holly Holm is to fight Ronda Rousey immediately in her next match. Such a combination could bring a lot of money to both fighters.

The rematch between Ronda Rousey and Holly Holm is not likely to take place before July next year at UFC 200, but Holly Holm already said she does not want to wait that long before her next fight.

UFC leaders did not like the idea and she will probably have to wait for the rematch with the former champ. UFC broadcaster Joe Rogan said Holm’s wallet would be the biggest beneficiary if that was to unfold.

“Financially, the Holly Holm fight with Ronda is the biggest fight for Holly Holm. Holly Holm’s going to make like $7 million,” Rogan said.

“She doesn’t want to wait, she wants to stay active and I totally understand that, and I think it should be her prerogative as a champion to choose. But financially that’s the smart move for her because she’s going to make the most money.”