‘Jacare’ Souza happy to be back at UFC on FOX 27!

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Ronaldo “Jacare” Souza

Ronaldo Souza recovered from a serious injury and is about to fight in the headliner of the upcoming UFC on FOX 27 event.

“I was already thinking about getting back,” Souza told MMAjunkie. “I was happy about returning and then I had the appendix issue.”

“It burst,” Souza said. “It was quite complicated. There was a lot of pain. I had surgery, and I was in the hospital for seven days. Then I get home, and who shows up there? (The U.S. Anti-Doping Agency). There I was, with an ice bag on my belly, all busted up, and there they were getting blood and pee from me.”

“I’m not complaining (about USADA),” Souza said. “I love it. They’re making a cleaner sport.”

Souza is better and more importantly, he is back and very happy about that fact.

“Being back this quickly is a blessing,” Souza said.

“It was horrible,” Souza said. “For all my life as an athlete, I’d never have injuries. And then, in these past few years, it’s one injury after the other, one injury after the other. After this one, I thought, ‘I think I’m going to stop fighting.’ Six months out, with such a serious injury.

“I say that this was the injury of injuries, because of the time I had be away. Six months, without being able to do absolutely anything. And then I return, and I’m fat. I have no timing. I’m out of shape. It was horrible, horrible, horrible. I had one thing that kept me: my will power. That’s it. There was nothing else.”


“I always finish what I start,” Souza said. “And I think, ‘No, I know I haven’t finished my purpose in the UFC.’ I haven’t. Many people might not believe it, but I do. I believe I will win. I will move forward. I will be OK. I will perform well. I will be in shape. I will be back.”

Souza will get a new chance on Saturday in a rematch against Brunson. The first time they met, in Strikeforce, Souza needed only 41 seconds to knock out Brunson. That was in 2012.

“The same way he’s changed, he’s still saying the same crap that he did before,” Souza said. “That he will knock me out, do this or that. I will say one thing: Fights are solved in the octagon. And that’s where I will fight him.”

“I’m ready,” Souza said. “That’s all I can say about my next fight. I’m ready. I’m doing good. I’m happy. I’m going to look good on the 27th.”