Jim Ross: ‘Ronda Rousey in WWE is a match made in box office heaven’

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It seems Ronda Rousey is to make a career shift as she is on the verge of finalizing her WWE deal.

Long-time commentator Jim Ross believes that it is almost certain as he spoke to Submission Radio.

“You could go down the list of all the great women WWE’s signed and there’s a story there for Ronda,” Ross said. “Cause every woman can make the story that ‘I want to be the one that beats Ronda Rousey, so she’s not gonna come to my world and dominate like she did MMA and the UFC’ and so forth.”

“So I think it’s inevitable, I just don’t know when or where, but to me, like I said earlier, Ronda Rousey in WWE is a match made in box office heaven.”

“She’s got charisma, she’s a beautiful woman, I just think there’s a perfect fit there,” Ross said. “And whether she signs for a one-off or a short-term or a handful of matches, I have no idea, but obviously if she does sign, one would assume that it would have something to do with a WrestleMania appearance. And I would love to see that in New Orleans this year.”

“I’ll be down there and I’d love to see her compete because she will train with the same intensity, the same desire to be great in that genre as she did in MMA.”