Johnson: Nate is acting like he’s scared of me

UFCHIGHLIGHTED 18.03.2014 10:35h Author:

Michael Johnson

After defeating Guillard, Michael Johnson scored three consecutive victories and now he turned to his old wishes and called out Nate Diaz, the fighter he would like to fight with the most. He believes he has all it takes to win and that he deserved that fight.

"We should make this fight happen. Where you at, Nate? Do you even know I'd like to fight you?”,  said Michael Johnson (15-8, 7-4 at UFC) calling out for Nate Diaz, an opponent he would like to face in his next match. And the he added: "I'm not saying Nate is scared of me, but he acts that way."

Johnson won three consecutive matches after two defeats. At the moment he holds a very high position at UFC's rankings. This is why he allows himself to call out certain fighters. He also stated some of the reasons why he would like to fight Nate Diaz: “I think he has a fight style that can’t compete with mine. I think my fighting style is better than his. He’s one of the guys that I want. If I beat him, it opens up a lot of doors for me, as opposed to sitting back and waiting or fighting guys that are the same rank. I want to fight the top guys in the division.”

Johnson is convinced he would win and thus added: “He’s not taking me down. His wrestling isn’t sharp enough to take me down. The only way we get on the ground is when I drop him and I jump on to finish him and I don’t. That’s the only way.”

"Modest" Johnson added in the end: “I would love to be the co-main event on a pay-per-view,” Johnson said. “Me and Nate Diaz doing that, that would be a good one.”

Whether his wish will come true, it is hard to tell. However, like always when it comes to Diaz brothers, we have to wait for Nate to give his opinion about it.