Jon Jones: ‘Daniel is an absolute coward who will never beat me’

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Jon Jones was not happy with the news that Cormier had to cancel his performwnce at UFC 197 that is to take place April 23 in Las Vegas.

And in what proved to be an unexpected plot twist to an already crazy story, Cormier — who was forced out of his rematch against Jones — offered Saint Preux the chance to fly to California to train with him and his talented team ahead of his own title fight against “Bones.”

Though “OSP” respectfully declined the offer, Jones himself found the move further proof that “DC” really doesn’t want to fight him again.

“Daniel is an absolute coward who will never beat me. And I say that not from an arrogant place, I say that from a place where me getting my belt back means everything to me. I represent that belt as a big part of my life. It means everything to me. You know, me losing to ‘OSP’ should be the last thing he should want because if I were to somehow lose, he doesn’t get to avenge his only loss. Him inviting Saint Preux to his training camp shows me that he is so grateful that he is not fighting me in three weeks. He is so grateful he has one more family photo op with that belt. He knows he is not going to beat me, especially not with a knee injury. He’s going to be nursing his knee to get back to 100-percent, I’m only getting stronger, better, and faster and more rehearsed in my gameplan to beat him. Daniel is a mental midget, I’m not worried about Daniel. Him inviting ‘OSP’ shows he’s so lucky to watch from the sidelines and not in the cage with me.”