Jon Jones reveals why he showed respect to Daniel Cormier at UFC 214

UFCHIGHLIGHTED 08.08.2017 13:26h Author:

Jon Jones

A UFC champion once again, Jon Jones explained Good Morning America why he showed so much respect to the former champion after UFC 214 rematch.

“Daniel, for the most part, he’s a fierce competitor, a pretty good individual, standup athlete, standup champion, and I know how important our fight was for him,” Jones told host Michael Strahan. “It was a legacy fight for him and I just didn’t want a win or a loss to determine his legacy. I wanted people to see him for the guy that he actually was outside of the Octagon. I think that’s equally as important. So I just thought I’d shed some light on him and who he was. It was just.”

Jones was also asked about his post-fight callout of former UFC heavyweight champion Brock Lesnar, and he said the situation is on hold at the moment.

“I don’t know. I think it may be a while before Brock Lesnar is eligible to fight. Right now I’m just kind of waiting to hear from the UFC, and some different ideas outside of him.”