Jose Aldo on Edgar’s loss to Ortega: ‘It was a mistake on Edgar’s end to fight Ortega’

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Jose Aldo & Frankie Edgar

“It’s a new generation that’s coming in,” Aldo told Brazil’s “Giro Combate” show. “Age comes for everyone, and it’s normal to have this sort of rotation. To me, it wasn’t (surprising). I just thought it was a mistake on Edgar’s end to fight (Ortega), who’s a very tough guy. He would have fought for the title, risked that and lost. Now he’s all the way back there again.

“I think that was his biggest mistake. But I wasn’t surprised with the loss. That’s part of it. When you go in there, anyone can come out victorious, whether it’s via knockout or points, and that’s part of fighting.”

“It’s a very even fight, I think” Aldo said. “Both have very similar reaches. In the striking department, too, I don’t see any of them as a specialist. The one specialty I see is Ortega’s guillotine, which is very strong.

“But Max won’t take him down. He’ll stand. So the fight will be decided on the feet.”

“For me, a better scenario would be for Brian to win,” Aldo said. “Because this way I know I have big chances of fighting for the title again.”