Jose Aldo responds to Frankie Edgar’s criticism: ‘Fuck him’

UFCHIGHLIGHTED 16.06.2016 12:37h Author:

Jose Aldo

Rumors have been cropping around the Internet that Jose Aldo Jr. was injured again and his opponent Frankie Edgar started to criticize him doubting that Aldo was ever actually injured. However, Aldo is in perfect shape and he will be ready for his rematch with Edgar July 9 at UFC 200 in Las Vegas.

“You have to know if you’re injured or not before talking,” said Aldo, criticizing his opponent for believing in rumors. “I couldn’t care less what he says or doesn’t say. I know I’m training hard here. I will be in great shape in the fight. I’m hungry to win this fight. There was no fight last time (against Conor McGregor), so we’ll see.“

“I couldn’t care less. F–k him. I don’t care. I care about my gym and my training. We’ll settle that face to face.”

Aldo claims he has changed a few things in his training for the rematch.

“I know I can evolve a lot,” said Aldo, who defeated Edgar via unanimous decision in 2013. “Something I always liked to train is kickboxing. I did it every day, but stopped doing it recently. I missed that a little. I wanted to compete in jiu-jitsu too, but had no time available. But I’m up to date in this area. I see myself as the Jose Aldo from WEC again.”

“My striking. He won’t even see me,” Aldo said. “If he thinks he’s fast, it’s a whole different speed. He will be frustrated standing in there.

“(Edgar) was doing five-round fights, except the last one. Chad (Mendes) was better, controlling the fight, and (Edgar) connected a punch and it’s over. I don’t see this big evolution, no. He’s adapting to the weight cut, but outside of that, I don’t see a big deal. He thinks he’s fast, but I don’t see him being that fast.”