Jury: Match with Diego is just another fight to me

UFCHIGHLIGHTED 14.03.2014 10:17h Author:

Myles Jury

In two days Myles Jury will fight the most important match of his career after which he might confirm his top fighter status. However, he does not see it that way. For him it is just another fight.

Myles Jury (13-0) is extremely young as well as talented. He scored his last four victories in FFC while he ended his first ten matches already in the first round. He scored an impressive victory against extremely popular Michael Johnson after absolutely dominating all the three rounds. However, Jury now has a chance to upgrade his status even further if he defeats legendary Diego Sanchez.

"It's that now I'm fighting a guy with a name, you know what I mean? I've been fighting tough guys, with no name, though. It's good, though. I'm excited for the opportunity but I feel that it's just another fight to me, man. If anything, this is, like, the least pressure I've ever had in a fight because all the pressure is on Diego. That's the way I'm feeling. I'm not looking at it like [it's the biggest of my career] man. I feel like, I've been around for a while and I've been fighting some good guys for a while,"

Although quite unexpected, betting odds are on Jury's side.

Whether Jury will continue his excellent consecutive wins, we will find out this Saturday.