Luke Rockhold expects to move up to light heavyweight

UFCHIGHLIGHTED 19.09.2017 13:16h Author:

Luke Rockhold

Luke Rockhold is planning to move up and conquer the light heavyweight division.

But before he does that, his friend and teammate Daniel Cormier must move back up to the heavyweight division or retire.

“I’ll fight light heavyweight,” Rockhold told MMA Junkie shortly after his win over David Branch at UFC Fight Night 116. “The weight cut was rough. I’m not going to lie, it always is… I’d love to go to light heavyweight. I’d do really well. In the gym, it’s more natural for me. I think I could do things. But ‘DC’ is obviously the man in the division right now. I’m not going up until he gets out. If he goes up or he retires, you can damn well guarantee I’m coming up. I have business to do here first.”