Marcin Tybura: ‘I feel good as the underdog’

UFCHIGHLIGHTED 17.11.2017 16:05h Author:


Citing “medical concerns,” UFC pulled Mark Hunt from the UFC Fight Night 121 headliner and replaced him with Fabricio Werdum. Tybura didn’t mind, though, feeling like he still had plenty of time to alter his preparation.

“It was a big change, because he’s a completely different fighter from Mark Hunt,” Tybura told MMAjunkie on Thursday. “Coaches just came up with a new plan with new stuff. There was lots of ideas. … They’ve experienced lots of opponents changing short notice. (This) wasn’t really short notice, because it was still six weeks to go. So, we changed the plan and started to prepare for Fabricio.”


“I feel good as the underdog,” Tybura said. “That’s what it takes to climb to the top. You’re always the underdog. If you want to challenge yourself, you pick the better opponents, and you want to climb the ladder to beat the best fighters in the world.”

“I think I can survive there,” Tybura said. “That’s really what the thing is. This is my first fight where my opponent is a better grappler. That’s something new for me. I know he’s a good striker, as well. He’s well rounded. For sure it’s the hardest fight in my career. But I think I can handle the fight in all of the aspects. … There’s danger with everything. I just need to be focused.”