Matt Brown: ’Jones would probably win the heavyweight title if he wanted’

UFCHIGHLIGHTED 12.08.2015 15:03h Author:

Matt Brown

Former UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones is suspended until he settles his private problems in which he found himself after he fled the scene of an accident that he caused. But many are convinced he would regain his throne as soon as he comes back and not only in the light heavyweight division.

It is still uncertain when Jones is to come back but Matt Brown is convinced that no one would still be able to match him and that he could event win the heavyweight title.

"I wouldn't give anybody a chance against Jones honestly," Brown said on the latest podcast. "Even at heavyweight, I think Jones would probably win the heavyweight title if he wanted.“

"He'd probably have to actually train and build his body for heavyweight and be properly prepared, etc. But yeah, you know."