McGregor no longer wants to fight in Nevada

UFCHIGHLIGHTED 13.10.2016 13:52h Author:

Conor McGregor

Biggest UFC star and champion Conor McGregor no longer wants to fight in the state of Nevada. Conor McGregor owes the state of Nevada $150,000 for throwing plastic bottles at people at UFC 202 press conference.

„Conor McGregor hit me yesterday and said ‘I don’t ever want to fight in Nevada again. Ever,“ said Dana White.

“Now how does that make sense for the state of Nevada? That you’re going to try to fine this kid and Nate (Diaz) that much money? It just makes people not want to come fight in our state. That’s not a good thing,” White told “The Herd”.

McGregor took responsibility for his part in the melee and apologized to the commission for the incident before the governing body levied the hefty fine.

The Nevada Attorney General’s office actually suggested a $25,000 fine but the commission then argued back and forth until settling on a whopping $150,000 fine for the incident.

“Insanity. It’s insane,” White said about the fine. “Listen, we’re regulated by the Nevada State Athletic Commission. I don’t know if these guys don’t get together and talk before they go in and do these things.”

“I don’t want to go popping off at the mouth and get myself in trouble either but ridiculous.”