Mehić: I will try to score a victory in Slovenia!

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Elmir Mehić

There will be plenty of amazing matches at upcoming FFC12 in Ljubljana and the spectators will have a chance to see Elmir Mehić in his debut bout for this organization. Mehić ended his recent matches with brutal KO's and many consider him to be Dževad Poturak successor. Elmir's opponent will be Slovenian fighter Rok Štruck meaning it is going to be a brutal fight. 

The heavyweight K1 fighter from Bosnia and Herzegovina did his last match at Glory 14 with Mladen Kujundžić. Mehić told us he is maximally prepared for the upcoming match with Štrucl.

Did you manage to recover from the match at Glory? How are the preparations going?
"I recovered completely. It was not a bad injury that requires a long recovery, standard cut, but enough to lose a match. Preparations are going excellent. My coach Dževad Poturak is taking care of everything and everything is at the top level."

How are you dealing with the fact that people consider you to be the strongest heavyweight fighter in Bosnia and Herzegovina as well as Dževad Poturak's successor?
"The title of the strongest heavyweight fighter in the country is a big burden, something I have to justify. I really strive to be the real Poturak's successor. I have to work hard, I have to sacrifice many things. The journey will be long but my goal is clear – I want to be at the top."

Are you thinking about the rematch with Kujundžić?
"Of course I am. It's something I think about every night when I go to sleep and every morning I wake up. I hope we will have a rematch. I have to pay him back!"

You have been quite busy lately. You have four matches scheduled by the end of June. Is it hard to keep that tempo?
"That is Dževad's job. I think he knows what he is doing. He knows how long it is supposed to take to recover and to get back to the ring. Nowadays it is hard for fighters to schedule matches. I am happy to have an opportunity to show what I can and I'm happy I have a chance to gather some experience. There are a couple of other Bosnian fighters who also have a chance to fight often and Dževad made it all possible."
FFC12 will be your debut at FFC. How hard will it be to beat Rok Štrucl on his territory?
"It will surely be a tough match. I respect my opponent, but I will definitely try to score the victory. I want to justify my chance to fight at such a big event."

Do you think the match will end by KO or by judges' decision?
"I am prepared to fight and do my best. For me the victory means a KO, and I already said I intend to win. But what happens, happens."

After the FFC you have another match scheduled under the banner of Bosnian organization "No Limit" where you are to fight Daniel Lentie. He is also an experienced and tough fighter.
"Yes, I have another tough match scheduled and I am to face Daniel Lentie. First of all, I hope the spectators will enjoy the match and that we will celebrate my victory together."