Michael Bisping: ‘UFC 204 fight with Dan Henderson is not a rematch’

UFCHIGHLIGHTED 05.10.2016 15:54h Author:

Henderson & Bisping

Michael Bisping claims that his match at UFC 204 is not a rematch at all. He believes that his opponent will be a completely different version of Dan Henderson. He also revealed what he thought about their first match.

“Of course, I wanted to see what happened; it was seven years ago,” Bisping said. “But it didn’t resemble me at all. I’d had many fights going into that fight, and that’s not how I fight.”

“I’m much improved mentally and physically; Dan Henderson is kind of the opposite,” he said. “He’s not on the steroids; he’s older. If you look at the muscle mass he had in that fight compared to now, it’s like two different fighters.”

Michael Bisping claims he didn’t watch his 2009 knockout loss to Dan Henderson until his promoter booked a rematch at Saturday’s UFC 204.

“My wife sat next to me – she was watching it, and I said, ‘Oh my god. Jesus. Turn this off. Turn this off,’” Bisping told reporters at a media Q & A in support of his pay-per-view headliner against Dan Henderson at Manchester Arena in Manchester, England.