Miočić in his first trash talk

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Miočić & Joshua

UFC champion Stipe Miočić does not have a reputation of a trash talker. Moreover, he is known as a very humble fighter who always respects his opponents.

But Miočić did not like the way heavyweight boxing champ Anthony Joshua commented him and said: „Who the fuck is this guy“, making reference to Conor McGregor.

Stipe suggested that he and Joshua should box in the co-main event of the McGregor vs. Mayweather spectacle that is to take place August 26 in Las Vegas. Joshua replied on his Twitter with „Who the fuck is this guy??“ clearly letting everybody know that Miočić is just not on his level.

But this Monday Miočić actually replied and engaged in the first trash talk of his career.

 „@anthonyfjoshua “This guy” is the universally recognized as the baddest man on the planet. You aren’t even the baddest man in the UK,“ wrote Miočić on his Twitter.