Mir detained in Brazil because of bullets in his luggage

UFCHIGHLIGHTED 20.02.2015 12:05h Author:

Frank Mir

This weekend Porto Alegre, Brazil, is to host UFC Fight Night headlined by Antonio Bigfoot Silva and Frank Mir.

However, on his way to Brazil Frank Mir got into problems at the airport because he had two bullets in his baggage. As he said to MMAJunkie, he was not aware of it and this is when he realized he had them in his bag.
“I have a bunch of different gym bags, too many bags that I use, and my backpack, I guess, I hadn’t used it since I went shooting last,” Mir said.

According to Mir, no one noticed anything on his flight from Las Vegas to Los Angeles and from Los Angeles to Sao Paulo, but in the end he ended up in problems in Sao Paulo. It was even more complicated since the officers did not speak English and Mir does not speak Portuguese.

They asked him if he was a police officer, but Mir replied he was from Las Vegas and had a firearm license which was a mistake. They decided to detain him.

“The first guy, he kind of panicked a little bit (and said), ‘I’ve got to call the police,'” Mir said. “He walked off. It kind of sucked because the manager of the area, she came over and we were explaining the whole situation, and she basically said, ‘Let’s forget this. It’s an understandable mistake.’ But then the other guy ran off with my passport. Firearms are illegal here in Brazil, so he stressed out a little bit.”

Mir then decided to call the UFC President Dana White and was released after an hour.

“The gentleman came over, and he had a smile on his face,” Mir said. “He handed me my passport and let me know that I could have the passport and he was going to keep the bullets, and to try not to make that mistake again.”

However, Mir did not miss his flight to Porto Alegre since his coaches explained the situation while pilot and airport staff decided to wait for the problem to be solved.