Mousasi calls out Nick Diaz

UFCHIGHLIGHTED 20.10.2016 12:42h Author:


After defeat over Vitor Belfort, Gegard Mousasi scored three consecutive wins. Despite his impressive results in 2016, it is not very likely Mousasi will soon get a title shot due to very tough competition in middleweight division. That’s why he turned to other potential opponents. One of them is Nick Diaz.

“Nick Diaz, that’s a good fight for me,” Mousasi said. “Nick Diaz, I think people would love that fight. I can ask for all the fights that I want to fight, but whether they give it to me is a different thing.“

“Like even Vitor Belfort, I asked for that fight for a long time, you know? It wasn’t because I asked for the fight [that I got it], it was because Vitor asked for me. He asked the UFC he wants to fight me so they gave him the fight.”