Nandor Guelmino undergoes a knee surgery

UFCHIGHLIGHTED 12.01.2015 12:30h Author:

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Austria's best MMA fighter and the biggest Austrian fighting sports star Nandor “The Hun” Guelmino had to undergo a knee surgery last week in Vienna.

Guelmino had problems with torn knee meniscus and was thus unable to fight Maro Perak at FFC 16 in Vienna. “The Hun” was forced to cancel his performance in the last minute due to an injury he sustained while training. Given that the organizers failed to find an adequate replacement, the entire match was canceled and Sakara vs. Browarski match become "main event".

Back then Guelmino announced that he would undergo a surgery in mid-January and that he would be back in action a couple of months later. At the press conference the FFC President Orsat Zovko said the FFC was still interested in the match which he hopes would happen in the near future.