Ngannou thinks he deserves a title shot with Cormier

UFCHIGHLIGHTED 18.02.2019 13:51h Author:

Ngannou Screenshot

UFC heavyweight Francis Ngannou believes he’s done enough to earn a title fight with Cormier.

“I think he should come to avenge his teammate, and that would be a good matchup,” Ngannou told reporters at Talking Stick Arena in Phoenix.

Cormier is Velasquez’s longtime training partner and currently is sidelined due to a back injury. But Lesnar also might be the next in line.

“For Brock Lesnar, he’s just walking around talking (expletive), but he never shows up for a fight,” he said. “So let’s see.”

“If you want to give the belt back to Stipe, I’ll fight Stipe right now,” he said. “I always said I would like to have a rematch against Stipe. But right now, my goal is the belt.”

“You can look at the video, and you will see the uppercut,” he said. “That might be why the knee buckled, because he got disconnected.”

“Cain was a wrestler,” he said. “There are a lot of wrestlers on my record. They always try their wrestling.”

“In the fight, you’re just trying to do whatever you can do to get out of there, because he was getting closer, and I didn’t want him to be close,” he said. “I just wanted him to be at distance.”

“It was a great win that I’ve been waiting for for two years, because I mentioned him after I fought (Andrei) Arlovski,” he said. “But I have to move forward. It’s not a title. I want the title.”