Pena on first UFC loss: Even ‘Michael Jordan missed shots’

UFCHIGHLIGHTED 31.01.2017 10:23h Author:

Julianna Pena

After a difficult loss in the Octagon, which was also the first loss in her career, Julianna Pena wrote a statement for her fans and apologized for making a mistake causing her to miss out on the next title shot.

“So, so sorry about my loss you guys,” Pena wrote. “Too hungry. At this level of competition you cannot make the first mistake or you pay the price. This is a big time learning experience for me. Time to move forward though. I take one look in the past and then I turn around and keep it pushing toward the future.”

“Michael Jordan missed shots and even the best MMA fighters have tasted defeat at some point in their career,” Pena stated. “My character is not defined by my wins and losses nor are they contingent on the amount of love I receive from those who truly matter to me.”

With Shevchenko expected to challenge Nunes for the belt later this year, Pena did not reveal what could be next for her.