Robbie Lawler following KO loss: I got caught with ‘the ol’ T-Wood bomb’

UFCHIGHLIGHTED 01.08.2016 13:24h Author:

Robbie Lawler

Robbie Lawler said he had enough of bloody fights that last five rounds and that’s exactly what he got this weekend, but not the way he wanted it. In the main event at UFC 201 in Atlanta he was KO’ed by Tyron Woodley in the first round and lost the welterweight title.

“He caught me with the ol’ T-Wood bomb,” Lawler said during the UFC 201 post-fight press conference, per Dave Doyle of MMA Fighting. “I think it’s just a guy who took advantage of a big punch and rocked me and jumped on and finished the job.”

“He threw a jab, and I went to parry the jab, and obviously in hindsight you wouldn’t want to do that,” Lawler said. “Maybe you would want to circle over to the other way and then be further away too and maybe he wouldn’t have touched me with his right hand. There’s a whole bunch of stuff I could have done and didn’t.”

And thus Woodley broke Lawler’s five-win streak that include two title defenses. However, this 34 year old veteran is still not done with the UFC, but he plans to take a little break, as he said at the press conference.