Robin Black’s source who has confirmed that GSP is interested in a match with Bisping

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GSP & Michael Bisping

Is it possible that Michael Bisping’s first title defense might be against Georges St-Pierre? After he won the middle weight title by knocking Luke Rockhold out at UFC 199, the British fighter challenged retired GSP and according to Canada’s Fight Network, “Rush” is interested in the match.

“You (Robin Black) and I have a couple of close friends in this business that have confirmed that is in fact the truth. Both Michael Bisping’s camp and Georges St-Pierre’s camp are very interested in making this fight,” said host John Ramdeen.

Co-host and analyst Robin Black corroborated the claim.

“Now Mike (Bisping) said publicly that he would like this fight, but we have heard privately that Georges (St-Pierre) is already pursuing that fight.”

Black continued, breaking down the reasoning for both fighters wanting the fight and why the UFC would actually want to put it on when there’s a plethora of challengers for Bisping at middleweight. He believes that Bisping wants to follow the money and there’s no other fight that would bank him as much green as the GSP one.

“Where do you go from there? You want to fight the Jacares and the Yoel Romeros as you’re closing in on 40 or do you want to go from being one of the highest paid fighters to the highest paid fighter and fight Georges St-Pierre? It makes sense for Georges, he’s not looking to fight these young guys either. He’s not looking to fight the up-and-comers, he’s looking to fight names that make him money.”

“Bearing in mind, what we’re saying is Georges is apparently interested in the fight and is discussing the possibilities of how to make it. That doesn’t mean this fight exists. That doesn’t mean the UFC is making this fight.”

“When Bisping is saying, ‘This is the fight I want,’ and Georges is starting the process of pursuing a fight he wants, in all logic, you know what kind of fights the UFC like? Fights that people want to see, fights that sell PPVs and this will be one of those.”