Rothwell questions how Velasquez will perform when new PED tests start

UFCHIGHLIGHTED 09.06.2015 12:46h Author:

Ben Rothwell

Ben Rothwell scored his third consecutive victory after defeating Matt Mitrione and his victory speech drew a lot of attention. However, now he also mentioned Cain Velasquez and wondered what will the heavyweight champion look like when the UFC implements stricter anti-doping policy.

Rothwell soon finished his opponent last weekend and then appeared as a guest on The MMA Hour where he first commented the Velasquez's coach statement that the only real threat to the champ was Junior dos Santos.
"Javier Mendez says JDS is the only threat to Cain," Rothwell said. "That's a joke in itself. I'm not pissed off. I laugh. It’s funny. It's whatever. That's wishful thinking. He's hoping that things don't change. Is the guy tough?"

After that he stated that the new anti-doping policy will reveal a lot of dark secrets.

"Let's see what happens after July 1, when the advance testing starts kicking in," Rothwell said. "Let's see if [Velasquez is] still fighting the same way he has. I doubt it. I'm not implying anything, what I'm just saying, I don't believe every division is going to look the same after July 1st. If anyone takes offense to that, maybe they ought to look at themselves and look at their problems."