Rousey will not fight at UFC 200, return date unknown

UFCHIGHLIGHTED 13.01.2016 13:07h Author:


After losing the belt at UFC 193, many speculated about Ronda Rousey’s rematch with Holly Holm that was to potentially take place at UFC 200. This is not likely to happen, according to Dana White, since Ronda asked for more time off due to her career in the movie industry.

White told Yahoo! Sports on Tuesday that Rousey asked for more time off and will not fight on the historic card set for July 9 in Las Vegas. The former women’s bantamweight champion is set to star in the remake of the movie “Roadhouse.”

“The filming of the movie got pushed back,” White told Yahoo!. “She could do both, but the question is, should she do both? She could do both, but why should she? The filming is in a time frame where she’d finish before 200, but it would be cutting it too close.”