Seven UFC fighters in Australia end up in hospital!

UFCHIGHLIGHTED 08.12.2013 14:47h Author:

Antonio Silva

UFC Fight Night 33 treated MMA fans all over the world to a true spectacle and fireworks in the Octagon. It was an event to die for, and the headliner thrilled everyone.

Antonio "Bigfoot" Silva and Mark Hunt did a superb 25 minutes, and according to many it was the best heavyweight fight in the UFC's history. However, the rest of the cast held nothing back either.

This is confirmed by the fact of a number of post-event injuries, with a lot of them requiring hospital treatment.

Immediately after the event, the UFC put up a joint photo of Hunt and Bigfoot at its profile with a comment that they both went to hospital, as well as five other fighters.

The Fox Sports website has revealed that the other seriously injured fighters were Ryan Bader, Pat Barry, Dylan Andrews, Caio Magalhaes and Nick Ring.