Silva to go before the NAC for a disciplinary hearing this Thursday

UFCHIGHLIGHTED 12.08.2015 16:19h Author:

Anderson Silva - Illustration

Once the world's best MMA fighter Anderson Silva is to have a hearing before the Nevada Athletic Commission this Thursday regarding the doping test scandal before and after the match against Nick Diaz.

Silva tested positive for drostanolone on the day of the match January 31 this year and a few days later on February 9 he did the test again and results were the same. He also tested positive on androstane on a random test a couple of weeks prior to the match.

The Brazilian fighter also tested positive on temazepane and oxazepane, two drugs that are prescribed for insomnia, but without special permission are also forbidden. Silva did not state he was using them on a standard questionnaire the fighters fill in before the bout.

However, the former UFC champion and his team of lawyers have explanation and logical answers. Of course, he is not guilty. According to the information published by Brazil's Combate, Silva will admit taking medications for insomnia due to the fact he is nervous and anxious the night before the match. He will also admit he took some supplements that might be contaminated with illegal substances, but he also argues he never used steroids consciously and deliberately.

In the end, he will claim that he took drostanolone via Viagra and pleads not guilty.