Since Ronda Rousey won’t, Miesha Tate says she’ll fight ’Cyborg’ in -63,5

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Cyborg vs. Tate

“If Ronda won't, of course I would,“ said Miesha Tate when they asked her whether she would fight Cris Cyborg. The UFC contender is ready to meet Cyborg in the catchweight claiming that she never asked for her specifically, but that it is their job.

“It all started at a fan Q&A in Manila when a fan asked me if I would fight ‘Cyborg’ at 140 because Ronda wasn’t willing to,” Tate told MMAjunkie. “I said, ‘Of course I would.’ It has to make sense, but I would do it. Then the media took it and ran saying I challenged ‘Cyborg,’ and Cris took it very positively. She knows what I meant. Her and I are friends. It’s nothing personal, but it’s the kind of attitude a fighter should have because it’s a challenge and I wouldn’t run away from it.”

“I think her and I are on the same page that if that opportunity presented itself at 140, we would both accept the fight.” Tate said. “As far as the logistics of it, I have no idea how that would work with the UFC. Obviously I’m fighting with the UFC, so I’m not going to leave to go over to Invicta and do a catchweight. It would have to happen inside the UFC octagon. They would have to agree to put on a catchweight of 140, which I don’t even know if they really do that anymore or if they would do that.“

“I haven’t talked to (UFC President) Dana White or (UFC matchmaker) Sean Shelby about that either, so I don’t know what their take is on it.”