Sonnen and Jones disagree over their alleged friendship

UFCHIGHLIGHTED 26.01.2013 21:31h Author:

Sonnen and Jones

Jon Jones and Chael Sonnen have spent a lot of time together over the last couple of months due to their coaching roles in the latest season of The Ultimate Fighter.

It's a pretty interesting situation from fans' point of view, especially considering some rather unfriendly statements by Sonnen on account of Jones' refusal to fight at UFC 151. Nevertheless, it seems that the two get along pretty well.

Still, when asked whether they are friends, each reacts in his own way.

"Yes, we're friends. The most difficult thing while coaching in TUF was seeing what a nice and passionate person he is. Spending so much time with someone is really a recipe for disaster… but for whatever reason Jon's and my personality really hit it off," Chael said.

Jon, however, offered a somewhat different view of the subject. "No, me and Chael are not friends. We're far from friends. We're definitely more friendly than I would have expected, but that's just my nature – I'm a friendly person," the current UFC light heavyweight champion is convinced.