Souza talks about ‘peacock’ Rockhold, ‘liar’ Bisping and UFC title shot

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Ronaldo “Jacare” Souza

If there is a person not happy with his current situation, it is definitely Ronaldo ‘Jacare’ Souza. The Brazilian fighter is trying to get a title shot for some time now, but even after six wins the UFC did not give him that opportunity.

In a recent interview with MMAJunkie ahead of UFC Fight Night 95 event in Brazil, Souza talked about his frustrating situation.

“There’s no way to be joyful with the way we are being screwed over,” Souza told MMAjunkie. “When I fought (Yushin) Okami, it was like, ‘If you get past Okami, it’s the belt.’ I knocked him out. Okami had never received such a beating in his life, so I knocked him out.

“Then Lyoto (Machida) fights Mousasi, puts on that bland, five-round fight and gets the title shot. I fight Mousasi, submit him, beat him up, and then what? I don’t fight for the belt. Same with Vitor Belfort.

“The guy is a phenomenon, fought for the belt millions of times. ‘If you get past him, you get the fight.’ I beat him up – beat him up a lot, by the way. And I don’t get the shot. OK, then – what am I going to do? Be happy? I can’t.”

Still, in spite of his frustration, Souza maintains he doesn’t hold personal grudges against any of his colleagues. His remarks, he says, stem from honesty – something he thinks the current champ lacks.

“I don’t have personal problems with anyone,” Souza said. “I just want to work. I want to go in the octagon, get my money and come home for my family and children, that’s all.

“I’m just speaking the truth. I’m just being myself. I’ve always been like this. I still don’t (trash talk). I’m not lying. The (Bisping) fight ended, I was in front of him, he said I was a classy opponent and he wanted to share an octagon with him. He’s a liar.

“He picked Dan Henderson. He doesn’t want to share the octagon with me because I’ll beat him and he knows it. I spoke the truth.”

Jacare looks to avenge the loss that cost him the Strikeforce belt in 2011 when he squares off against Rockhold, currently ranked No. 2, at UFC Fight Night 101. The rematch, Souza says, would have happened earlier had Rockhold not “ducked” him for years. But he’s still willing to give credit where it’s due.

“I don’t think (he’s conceited),” Souza said. “He’s a confident guy and a great fighter. He’s been a Strikeforce and UFC champion. He’s a respectable guy.”

“He’s a handsome guy. He likes to stand out. He’s a model. And he said he wanted to hunt alligators. So I’m going to hunt a peacock. Doesn’t he look like (a peacock)? Isn’t he damn good-looking?

“Of course (the nickname was my idea). I’m multi-purpose. I create. I sing, I dance, I tap. I’m very cool.”