Stefan Struve cleared by doctors to return

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Stefan Struve

13 months after his last UFC match, Stefan Struve got green light from the doctor to return to the ring. This Dutch fighter hopes to find out the name of his opponent soon.

Stefan Struve (25-6, 9-4 UFC) is anticipating his UFC return. Today he stated the doctors gave him the green light. The 26 year old fighter is ready for some action. "Right now we're just waiting for a copy of his file to be translated so that the UFC can have their doctor take a look at it, and they're going to determine whether or not to have Stefan get a second opinion or not. If they do bring him out for a second opinion that would likely be out in Los Angeles with the UFC's cardiologist that they use frequently. I believe they sent Dan Hardy to him and a few other folks", said his manager.

"The UFC has been great. They're very anxious to get Stefan back in the Octagon. I've had a lot of conversations with Dana (White) and Lorenzo (Fertitta) and Joe Silva and Dr. Davidson about Stefan. They've been extremely supportive and we're all appreciative of that," McMahon said. "But I think we're close. If I had to guess, we don't have an opponent yet, we don't have even a date yet, but I do believe you'll see Stefan back, probably during the summer is my guess, just given where [the UFC is] in trying to make cards."

Struve had problems with his heart and he explained: “The chamber where the aortic valve is connected is the left chamber of your heart, and that chamber was a lot bigger than it was supposed to be,” Struve said. “A lot of that was the high blood pressure. Now they treated me for it with blood pressure medicine, and it got smaller. Because of that, the opening where the valve is got smaller, too. Normally, when the chamber gets bigger, like often happens with athletes, the valve gets bigger, too, so that it closes. But in my case, the opening got bigger and the valve didn’t grow, so the leakage got worse and worse. But now, it’s smaller again and the valve closes better."

“I want to fight,” Struve said. “I’m ready to go into a training camp. I can be ready in two or three months. I left a year behind me that was the most difficult year of my life, but now I’m here. I’m back, and I want to fight. I want to show that I’m one of the best heavyweights in the world. I really feel like I’ve got another shot at all of this and I’m better than I’ve ever been.”