Tim Sylvia talks leaving UFC over Brock Lesnar fight and grudge-holding Dana White

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Tim Sylvia

Tim Sylvia did not have Andre Arlovski's luck to return to the UFC after a long break where they have both been champions. Arlovski is now one of the top heavyweight fighter, while almost no one remembers Sylvia.

Sylvia left the UFC when the giant fighter decided to fight for the rival Affliction and fight Fedor Emelianenko.  

The UFC President did not event want to consider his return to the UFC. In Chael Sonnen's podcast, 'The Maniac' revealed the real reason – money.

"I was making $100,000 [to show] and $100,000 [to win] in the UFC," said Sylvia. "I would have to win four fights in the UFC to make the $800,000 to get what I was paid [at Affliction: Banned]. I had one fight on my contract left and I wanted to fight Brock Lesnar next. They wouldn't let me do it. I wanted to get paid what he was getting paid. He was getting $300,000 and $300,000 plus PPV buys. He was making about three million dollars a fight. I was like, 'I'm the [former] f***ing heavyweight champ and this guy comes in and he's making this kind of money? He's only fought once in his career.'

He also said something about his relationship with Dana White:

"You know Dana White," said Sylvia. "He's just a f***ing d**k. He's just holding a grudge. They're pissed off because I went to support Affliction. I was sponsored by them for three years before that fight. Dana's just a d**k. He holds grudges. They blackballed Andrei Arlovski, as well, but he was smart, went to a good camp, started picking and choosing who he fought and put eight or ten wins together. They had no choice but to bring him back to the UFC."