Tyron Woodley: “Conor McGregor is the only fight that makes sense if he beats Khabib”

UFCHIGHLIGHTED 26.09.2018 23:18h Author:

Tyron Woodley (Photo: Facebook)

Welterweight champion Tyron Woodley said he thinks it would make sense to fight Conor McGregor in a champion versus champion superfight only if the Irishment win in his October 6 fight.

Woodley thinks Khabib will win, but knows ‘The Notorious’ will be goingfor a thirf world title should he pull off the upset.

“I’ll be there. I’ll be working the desk,” Woodley said. “I would think that if Khabib’s really about that action, he’s going to do what he says and it’s going to be really tough for Conor to have any lead in that arm to throw that knockout punch in the fourth or fifth round, so I would say Khabib [wins]. But just for selfish purposes, if Conor wins, then the only fight that makes sense is for him to fight me. Try to get a third belt.”

“Conor thought he wanted smoke and then he realized he really didn’t,” Woodley said. “I would smash him. He’s too little. He’s got one punch. What fighter have I ever fought that’s been able to beat me with one tool?”

McGregor has fought twice at welterweight against Nate Diaz. It’is unlikely that McGregor would move up to 170 to challenge Woodley, given the size disadvantage.