Tyron Woodley defends want for money fights

UFCHIGHLIGHTED 03.08.2016 14:56h Author:

Tyron Woodley

Woodley won the title on Saturday with a first-round knockout over Robbie Lawler at UFC 201, then wasted little time calling out two of the division’s biggest draws UFC legend Georges St-Pierre and the newly unsuspended Nick Diaz for his first title defense. One name was curiously left off his list, and that of course was the division’s No. 1 contender Stephen Thompson who did not like it. However, Woodley reiterated the callouts on Monday, defending his position of wanting a big money fight now that the 34-year-old veteran is finally in a position of leverage.

“Also, Wonderboy’s words just bit him in the butt. I didn’t put these words in his mouth. He said that Robbie Lawler would take this fight. He felt that the fans would want to watch Robbie Lawler fight against Stephen ‘Wonderboy’ Thompson, that it would be a more exciting fight, that I would fade in the later rounds and he felt like Robbie Lawler was going to take it home.

“When he makes those statements, and you’re not the pay-per-view buy, you’re not the money fight, you’re not the (guy who) people are going to be jumping off the wall buying pay-per-views to watch Stephen ‘Wonderboy’ fight — not to say in his career that won’t happen, he’s an exceptional fighter, he’s beaten two phenomenal athletes back-to-back — but when he said those words out of his mouth, he wrote a check his ass couldn’t cash. So now he’ll get his chance to fight Robbie Lawler and I’ll go out and I’ll prove I’m the very, very best in the world by fighting the Hall of Famers.”

“So with that said, I’m not taking away anything from Stephen ‘Wonderboy.’ He’s a phenomenal fighter. He’s done a great job. He’s not new as far as competition or youth, but he’s fairly new to the higher levels of mixed martial arts. Think about when Johny Hendricks had beaten Martin Kampmann, Jon Fitch, (Josh) Koscheck, Carlos Condit, and what happened to him? Nick Diaz came along, he fought Georges St-Pierre because he was a bigger draw, a bigger name. The same thing happened to Rory MacDonald, the same thing happened to Frankie Edgar. We didn’t see an immediate title shot against Conor McGregor, though he deserved it. We saw [McGregor] about to fight RDA, then after that he fought Nate.

“So when you get to this point, in my opinion, you can start calling some of the shots. Georges St-Pierre said he wanted to fight me, and I’m going to say yes.”