UFC 182 Embedded (4): Emotional and tense! (VIDEO)

UFCHIGHLIGHTED 02.01.2015 13:59h Author:

Jon Jones & Daniel Cormier

UFC 182 is getting closer and closer while the tension is rising between the fighters. At least when it comes to Jon Jones and Daniel Cormier. It was not far from the "zero" round this time, but Dana White prevented the incident. On the other hand, Cerrone and Jury had a very relaxed attitude.

The fourth episode of the UFC Embedded brings the events from Tuesday evening to Thursday including all the major media activities and face offs. The atmosphere between Jon Jones and Cormier was rather tense and Jones looked his opponent in the eye which is something he does not do.

The fighters did an open training and Donald Cerrone proved he was kidding when he said he would welcome the New Year in the company of a famous beer brand. He spent the New Year’s Eve with his girlfriend and fans, but they returned to the hotel right after midnight. Myles Jury spent the whole evening in the hotel.

The end of the video is also interesting since Jones’ and Cormier’s teams met in the lobby. Check out how it went!