UFC 200: Jose Aldo vs Frankie Edgar (VIDEO)

UFCHIGHLIGHTED 27.06.2016 12:22h Author:

Jose Aldo Jr.

“I’m faster, more explosive, I feel like an old Aldo. I know that I will win this fight and thus wash away the bitterness that the last fight left,” said Aldo in new UFC 200 promo video which will be held July 9 with Frankie Edgar fighting for the No 2 contender spot in featherweight division.

It has been three years since former lightweight champion Edgar tried to win another belt in fight with Aldo. The Brazilian was then still the undisputed and long-time king of the featherweight division and at UFC 156 he defeated Edgar by unanimous decision.

But times have changed. In December Aldo lost the title in only 13 seconds, while Edgar in the meanwhile scored five impressive wins including the KO of Chad Mendes. Now they will fight again and the winner will get a title shot with the Irish superstar.