UFC 211 medical suspensions

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JDS vs. Miocic

Published: 16.05.2017 • 11:55

UFC 211 took place last weekend in Dallas with excellent matches including two title bouts.

Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation published a list of fighters to receive medical suspensions. Four fighters who received suspensions stretching 45 days or longer were Chas Skelly (180 days), Gabriel Benitez (180 days), Dustin Poirier (45 days), and Jason Knight (45 days).

Stipe Miočić will have to sit out only some ten days since he did not receive any significant blows to the head. On the other hand, Dos Santos suffered a grisly first-round knockout and will have to sit out until June 28.

A complete list of UFC 211’s medical suspensions can be seen below.

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