UFC expected to announce Holly Holm’s next fight as early as this week

UFCHIGHLIGHTED 05.01.2016 15:14h Author:


UFC bantamweight champ Holly Holm is impatiently waiting to return to the Octagon claiming that the name of her new opponent could be known next week already.

“If I fight sooner rather than later it won’t be a rematch, but it’s still possible to get a rematch. But they haven’t announced anything exact yet. I guess we will wait and see how the cards unfold. I’m not going anywhere, but I will be fighting, hopefully sooner than later. I just don’t want to wait around for things if they are not set in stone. A lot of people have been talking about the rematch, but nobody knows for sure. I haven’t even heard from Ronda if she wants it yet or not or if she’s occupied with other things right now. That’s the hardest thing for me. If I knew something was set in stone, then maybe I would think about it a little more. I just don’t want to wait around for something that may not happen,” said Holm.

And while her next fight is a mystery for now, her manager, Lenny Fresquez, recently told FOX Sports that her next fight could be announced as early as this week.

“The UFC will be having an announcement this week and they’ll be announcing it. I’m not at liberty to discuss the contract and that was part of the contract so I can’t discuss any of that but the UFC will be making an announcement this week I’m pretty sure.”