Valentina Shevchenko will ask UFC for third fight with Nunes

UFCHIGHLIGHTED 11.09.2017 11:10h Author:

Valentina Shevchenko

UFC women’s bantamweight title challenger Valentina Shevchenko seeks a third fight with champ Amanda Nunes after a split-decision loss at UFC 215.

“I want my title, and I’m ready to take one more fight against Amanda because I don’t agree, and I know it was my fight,” Shevchenko told reporters following Saturday’s UFC 215. “If I have to fight her next, it will for sure be my victory.

“It’s difficult to say, because the UFC has to make the decision. But I will ask for the rematch.”

“I agree when it’s totally right,” Shevchenko said. “If you lost, you lost. But if you didn’t lose, but the decision goes to the other side, you feel it’s totally not right.”

“If I can, I will, because I totally don’t agree,” she said. “But I know from my experience, if judges make a decision once, it’s very difficult to change their mind.”

“It should be a clear victory,” Shevcheno said. “But from this fight, you can see on her face and my face who landed more punches. I had stitches on my shin because I hit her teeth. I totally disagree.”